projectlamp0903Here at ikano we provide a wide selection of projector lamp, bulb and parts, which allow us to offer a diverse range of combinations to our customers for various needs.
This would include:

Original Series-
Original bulbs with original housings with original box.
Original bulbs with compatible housings.
Original bulbs.
Compatible Series-
Compatible bulbs with Compatible housings.
Compatible bulbs.



All our original lamps are equipped with original bulb, thus ensuring optimum lifespan and the best possible image quality. It allows you to keep the manufacturer’s guarantee on your projector.All of the ikano compatible lamps adopt the same design as the original. With our own factory, high-end manufacturing equipment, original tooling and rigorous testing procedure, we can ensure all our compatible products meet the same high quality and reliability of the original.




ikano provides over 5000 combinations of

original/compatible bulbs and housing,

We can meet all you demand.



Quality Assurance,

6 months peace-of-mind




Fast shipping,

with our large stock we can guarantee

delivery within 2-3 working days.